FamiGuard Parental Control App

Always be informed and feel secure that your children are protected with our effective parental control app, which enables you to track your child's location, set geofences, limit screen time, control app usage, view their app and web activities.

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Support Android 9.0-4.1 devices

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Create a Safe and Controlled Online World for Children


Parenting is not easy, especially in today's digital world where children are very susceptible to cyber influences. To give parents peace of mind, we have introduced FamiGuard to help children explore the connected world safely and to establish healthy online habits. With FamiGuard, parents can supervise and limit mobile phone usage easily.

Set Rules on Your Child's Phone Remotely

Limit Screen Time

·Instantly lock the device and pause usage.

·Set a daily schedule for your children to use their devices.

Block Apps & Games

·Block access to inappropriate apps and games.

·Set time limits and prevent screen addiction.

Filter Website Content

·Quickly block unwanted websites by categories.

·Create whitelist or blacklist for specific sites.

Locate Your Children at Any Time

Real-time Location

·Locate your child's phone location with inbuilt GPS.

·Get the real-time location every few minutes.

Location History

·Check the location history and know your child's whereabouts.

·Provide map view and detailed address info.

Geofence & Alerts

·Set a safe zone for kids and view geofence reports.

·Get timely alerts by push notification or email.

Get the Daily Online Activity Report

App Activity

·Know which apps your children are frequently using.

·Check how much time is spent on each app.

Web Activity

·View what content your children are browsing online.

·Monitor the detailed visit time and duration.

Activity Summary

·Gain an overall idea of what your child does each day.

·Include both online and offline activity reports.

Why FamiGuard Is Worth Choosing (3S)

For Safety: Protection Pin

PIN code is required each time you access the dashboard.This can prevent other people from accessing your child's data.

For Simplicity: Auto Rules

We have designed several quick rules for your daily use.This can save you a lot of time when setting up screen time and blocking apps/websites.

For Supervison: Super Fuctional

This app contains varied functions for supervising your child's online activities. Effective enough, those functions can help to create a healthy cyberlife for your child and guide them cultivate a good habit online.

It Takes Just 3 Steps to Protect Your Kids


Sign Up & Install

Create a free account and download the FamiGuard app on the target device.


Set Up

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup wizard step by step.



After the child's device is connected, you will be able to set rules and monitor their online activity.

What Our Customers Say

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