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The internet network is an immense source of information, wisdom, and entertainment. It is also a surpassing environment to reach new people and discover folks to share your moments. But at the same time, it acts as a procreation base for tons of unbefitting content and dozens of obscure dangers. Many of them scare the most exposed group of Internet users - particularly it is very demanding for parents of kids who have Android mobiles stuffed with messaging apps. In this post, we will recommend the best web filter for Android in parenting.

1. Why Parents need Web Filtering Software?

  • Web filtering software is an ideal solution that among several other features provides tracking kids Internet activity, initiating web filter to prevent little ones from viewing offensive or threatening websites and obstructing any website you dont want your child to visit.

  • It even helps kids understand the importance of limits while restricting them from accessing adult content or interacting with strangers.

  • Youngsters use mobile devices to hide traces of their online activity from their parents. Teens often outguess their parents who cannot catch up with the latest technological advancements and cheating techniques.

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And the fact is that nowadays, 90 percent of teens (about 13 to 17 years old) use the Internet via multiple mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. This makes tracking and mastering what kids observe online even more complex. Thus, they become flashed to the obvious and hidden Internet threats right from cyberbullying to sexual content, and from gambling to online predators. That is why a solicitous parent can barely be too cautious when it comes to granting the kid to surf the internet these days.

The statistics above convincingly explains why a concerned parent should consider using certain tools to filter out content to stay aware of what their children are up to while online.

So before preceding your child to the newly acquired Android gadget, ensure it is family-friendly, safety-enabled and it is the best web filter for android. Learn about possible online perils, evaluate the best Internet filtering options for Android, and prefer the most effective way to stop your little ones from facing them. Regarding website content restriction, you can select to install web filter for android parental control software.

2. The Best Web Filter for Android

Increased addiction on the internet also hinders the creativity of the children. For any responsibility kids inclined to obtain the easy way out on the internet. There are many web filter apps featured for Android that are known to be parental control apps. One of the best parental control app with the web filter for Android is FamiGuard.

The Famiguard is app-based, and hence it will serve as the best web filter for android irrespective of whether your child is accessing the internet via a carriers mobile network, or a public or private WiFi hotspot.

When using the Famiguard , sections of websites that are considered inappropriate for the preferred age range will be blocked, based on the categorization of the website content. The inbuilt option of blocking the sections include Adult, Porn, Gambling, Drugs, Phishing and much more makes it very perfect to use. Just enable the Web Filtering function and select your childs age range.

Additionally, with Famiguard, you can fix "overrides" always to permit or prevent specific web site addresses, irrespective of the sites categorization.

When Famiguard is enabled, it will automatically block other popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Accordingly, your child must use the Web filter safe browser to access the internet.

3. FamiGuard - The best free web filter with app control for android

Keep your children protected with content blockers, and monitoring tools.

The free version of the FamiGuard web filters with app control enables you to establish rules and time schedules, tackle pornography and other inappropriate content. If you go for the paid-for version, you'll also receive SMS monitoring, social media features, and per-app controls.

Its barge of features and assistance for a wide range of platforms make FamiGuard the best free web filter for android.

How to use Web filter

Step 1: Download and install FamiGuard from Google Play Store in both your device and your childs device.

Step 2: Register with membership account in your device.

Step 3: Sign into your children's device using the identity 'kid and initiate the service.

For the smooth functioning of the app, specific permission requests need to be granted during installation.

Step 4: By using the same account, sign in as parent's device on your phone. The connection will be automatically detected and generated.

famiguard web filter

Your FamiGuard web filter for Android is equipped with a few more customizations:

Other Additional Features of FamiGuard App:

'More Features, More Control, More Protection'

Thorough Internet web filtering is just one of over two dozen web filtering outstanding features. All at once, they permit concerned parents to make sure their childrens safety via controlling various provinces of their lives.

1. Track routes and location

  • Check location in real time

  • View entire route history

  • Define geo-fences, receive notifications

Through the above-mentioned features track your child when they are outdoor. Know the real-time locations of the child and also hold to the historical information if need persists. You can set alert notifications to assure that your kid does not go to any restricted zone.

2. Monitor Internet activity

  • Block apps, websites and pages

  • View browsing history

  • Brief report on the usage of Social media

The feature like internet activity monitor will furnish you a detailed report of the apps used by your child and for the duration for which it was used. Control them and block apps that are the reason for their constant distraction. For example, Social media chats. Enable screen time limits and lock the screen during study hours and bedtimes. Identify the browsing history of your child and spot out potential perils. Accordingly, you can implement FamiGuard Web filtering software.

3. Control device usage

  • Lock device remotely, limit activities

  • Pause viewing inappropriate content of your child's devise

  • Set geo-fences, receive alerts

Manageable remote control assures that you can control your childs mobile from your app and take immediate steps at times of emergency. You can personalize the app settings and set it according to the age and specification of your child. The extensive alert system can also be activated for the parents to receive notifications, including time and location data and will (in some cases) keep reporting said data until the child deactivates the notification or the parent disables it from their account.

In its turn, web filtering parental control software for Android is a broader concept that includes typically online web content filtering. However, its functionality stretches far beyond just filtering inappropriate content. Call tracking, multimedia monitoring, and GPS tracking,- you can do all of that with this preferred app. Typically, such functions will be extremely needed by parents who want to shield their children not only from digital but also from real-world threats. Thus, with this best web filtering parental control software for Android, you will instantly identify potential threats and prevent them at early stages, thus, making your kids mobile device using a protected and pleasant experience.


FamiGuard is an apparent Android mobile software that has been devised for ethical and legal use only. It means that the app runs transparently and doesnt use isolated mode. We recommend parents who intend to install web filtering app on their childrens smartphone or tablet to communicate honestly to their children about the threats they are exposed to online and what can be done to avoid these risks.

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