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Technology is a privilege and it can stimulate a healthy childhood until it isn't abused. Majority of young children are plugged into smartphones nearly every other minute these days which expose them to the world of internet and this is where the problem starts. Exposing them to unfiltered internet content at young age may deceive them to wrong ways, eventually, misleading them towards a dangerous life. This is where the internet filtering software comes for the help of concerned parents. In this article we're going to unveil and compare few of the best free internet filtering apps for Android. Stay tuned!

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How to Use FamiGuard Internet Filter

Enough of talking, let's get the things rolling. Here we'll explore the detailed tutorial on how to make use of FamiGuard to filter internet content. FamiGuard's web filter feature can ease parent's worry well. Our parents always worry about that their children can access to the websites which recommend some unhealthy contents. Over exposure to unhealthy websites would affect children's study and deveopment definetly. So FamiGuard is the app to help parents to solve those problems. Except the web filter feature, FamiGuard can set screen time limits, restrict time of app usage even tracking children's real-time location. Keep reading to learn how to filt wesites with FamiGuard.

Step 1. Sign up for the FamiGuard service and acquire an account for yourself.

famiguard sign in

Step 2. Install the FamiGuard app over your kids' Android device and then configure it.

configure on child's device

Step 3. Login to your FamiGuard account to access the web filter on dashboard. Then, with the help of Control Panel make necessary rules to filter internet content. Now, sit back and relax!

configure on child's device

Other 10 Internet Content Filter Software for Android

1. unGlue

Alex Zherdev and Alon Shwartz founded unGlue in 2014 as they got tired of being helpless regarding internet content filtering like what and how much their kids should imbibe.


  • Good Screen Time management and

  • Ability to filter internet content.


  • Reportedly, the app is good enough for iOS devices only as it doesn't work properly on Android devices.

  • Customer service if not very efficient.


2. Norton Family

Next up is Norton Family, a yet another app to help parents with internet filter feature for Android.


  • Packed with features for monitoring and effective web filtering.


  • No geofencing feature available.

  • This Parental app is quite clunky and expensive.

norton family

3. Kaspersky Safe kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids parental app, design and developed by Kaspersky Lab - a renowned Antivirus software company, enables parents to control and monitor online activities of their kids.


  • It offers a pool of free features and is very affordable at the same time.


  • Quite complicated user interface design and web portal is, sometimes, a bit slow.

kaspersky safe kids

4. Net Nanny

As the name says, Net Nanny helps the parents to keep an eye on their kids' online activities and offers several filters for internet content and apps.


  • Offers a unique profanity filter that includes inhibiting offensive language instead of restricting entire content.


  • Parents need to purchase several different features separately, like monitoring social media apps etc.


5. Qustodio

Next on the list of best internet filtering app for Android is Qustodio. It offers simple interface to manage online activities of the kids.


  • It offers a pool of free features like text or call monitoring or web content filtering.


  • The web portal is obsolete and is a bit expensive comparatively.

  • Moreover, geofencing feature isn't available.


6. Kidslox

Kidslox is an easy to use internet filtering software. It offers functionality to effectively filter web content, block apps and internet as well.


  • While being one of the cheapest parental apps, it offers powerful functionality to block in-appropriate websites, apps and in-app purchases.


  • No provision to monitor anything over kids' device or their online activities.


7. SecureTeen

SecureTeen enables the parents to monitor both messages and other IM apps in a hassle-free way.


  • Can effectively block apps, website and unfit content.


  • Comparatively slow performance.

  • Lacks some important features like geofencing or locking target device.


8. Eset Parental Control

With Eset Parental Control you have the privilege of 30 days free trial that justify its potential.


  • Offers several parental features like location tracking, powerful web content filtering etc.


  • The UI design is a bit confusing.

  • In addition, monitoring call or text is not yet possible with this tool.

eset parental

9. Kidgy

When it comes to powerful parental apps, Kidgy is holds the 9th rank offering good monitoring functionality, tracking live location and web content filtering.


  • Easy to use UI design and the unique panic button feature alerts you whenever your kids' are in need of your help.


  • Automatic renewals can be a pain in your pocket if cancelling the subscription slips out of your mind.


10. Famisafe

A recent newcomer to the list of internet filtering and parental control apps is FamiSafe, develop by a tech giant Wondershare.


  • Offers good functionalities to filter web content and track kids' activities.


  • There's no provision to monitor social media apps or texts.


How Are Today's Children Affected by the Internet

We do know that no one can ever wonder their kids getting stuck between a group of thugs or scammers or people with bad intentions! But unintentionally, parents are exposing their kids to the world of internet overloaded with such bad environment. It might sound awful but that's the case. We, the parents, are responsible for guiding them towards the right path in life, but by allowing them to seamlessly use smartphone, be it to wander over the internet or other activities, misleads them to a world of dangers. Before moving towards internet filter apps for Android, let's just get to explore few statistics about how are today's children affected by the Internet.

  • Children spending over 4 hours on their smartphones each day are more likely to be obese.

  • Children tend to develop an aggressive behavior who play violent video games or apps.

  • Almost 50% of the teens have committed that something they posted online, later landed them into regrettable situations.

  • According to the reports of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), children ranging from 13 to 17 years were targeted via internet with sexual intent.

  • In the past year, over 43 percent of teens (ranging from 13 to 17 years) were reported as the victim of Cyberbullying.

Internet Filtering Software is Necessary for Parents

With all these reports from the reputed organizations, parents must start keeping an eye on what their kids are doing over the internet. The fact is, kids can't help themselves, it is the parents who have to set boundaries for their well being. And for this purpose, we would like to bring FamiGuard, a powerful internet filter app for Android, into your cognizance. With FamiGuard, parents are empowered with a pool of features like app blocker, web filter (internet content filter), geofence, live location tracking, screen time monitoring, activity summary and what not! This mighty tool is highly trusted and recommended by millions of users across the world and regarded as the best internet filter app for Android.


Moving towards the concluding the topic, we believe you are pretty clear about the best internet filtering tool for Android. Just in case you have any queries, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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