3 Ways to Track Location History on Android or iPhone

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Location history is way to keep a track of all the places we have been to throughout the day. It basically tracks our whereabouts in real time and saves them accordingly one after the other. So at the end of the day, one can get all the places visited within a specific time period. This time period can be a day or a week or more.

You may want to know the location history of a person due to many reasons. Since our family is the closest to us we do constantly worry about our kids, spouses and other family member's safety. You may want to know their whereabouts in order to ensure that they are safe and sound and are not in any place which may be inappropriate. Since everyone these days do not step out of their house without a phone in their hand, it can be the perfect tool to find and keep a track of yours or your family member's location history. There are many ways in which you can track location history, some of them are mentioned below.

view location history

Way 1: How to Track Location History on Google Maps

If you own an Android cell phone, you can find out the location history easily with the help of Google Maps, which is an inbuilt feature in every other Android cell phone. You can basically manage and view all your location history info with the help of Google Maps Timeline. As the name suggests, it comprehensively showcases your entire location history timeline and also gives you the option to edit or delete information from time to time. Most importantly, this timeline information is completely private and only you can see it! In case you are wondering how to track location, you can use this particular feature in Google Maps Timeline by following the steps below.

Step 1: From the main menu of your Android phone, tap on "Google Maps".

Step 2: Tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Tap on "Timeline" and then on the icon represented by a calendar and tap Show Calendar".

google maps select timeline

Step 4: Swipe right and left and choose a day to get the location history.

view location history  on google maps

To get the recently visited places, hit Menu, then navigate to Your places'and tap Visited.

So now you know how you can access your entire Android phone location history here. Also this method works on computers and iPhone/iPad as well. As this is supported on all of the stated devices, you can use it to not only track location history, but also to see your commute, like how far you travelled, where you travelled, how much time it takes, add your home and work address for easier and faster access etc.

Way 2: How to Check Location History on iPhone

In case you use an iPhone on a daily basis, you needn't fret. You can find your location history on an iPhone as well. This feature needs to be enabled before you can use it. After you enable location service on your iPhone, you automatically enable a number of location-based system services that you can benefit from. Like, your iPhone will keep track of all the places you visited or recently visited, when and how often you visited etc. This particular feature is known as Significant Location. This personal data is fully encrypted and private and it is mainly executed so that you get a better personalized service. You can follow the steps given below to know how to check location history on iPhone on any given day and time.

Step 1: From the main menu, go to "Settings".

Step 2: Tap on "Privacy" and then on "Location Services".

location services

Step 3: Navigate through the options and tap on "System Services".

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom and tap on "Significant Locations".

location history

Here, you can view location history with the name of the location as well as the date on which you visited it.

Way 3: How to Track Someone Else's Location History

If you are not interested in knowing your location but would want to find location history of your child, family member or a friend, the above methods would not work for you. In that case, you will need a location tracking app that works specifically to track someone else's location. And the best app which you can turn to is FamiGuard. Once you install this app on the target phone, every 5-20 minutes the location history of the target phone gets recorded in detail. This location history can be stored and accessed for one whole year. This app also supports real time location tracking through which you can conveniently know the present location of the target phone anytime.

You can use this app in order to track the location of anybody else's phone by following the steps below.

Step 1: You can either download FamiGuard app on your device or open it on any browser.

Step 2: Enter your credentials to create an account.

sign in famiguard

Step 3: Download FamiGuard app on the target phone and sign in using your account details.

Step 4: Follow the steps carefully to configure the target phone.

configure phone

Step 5: Remotely access FamiGuard app's dashboard and get to know the target phone's location and its location history.

location history details

Not just this, but this app comes with several other phone monitoring features which include:

  • Geofence: Sets boundaries and alerts you every time if that particular boundary is breached.

  • Screen time limit: It helps to set a fixed time limit of screen time usage. You can also pause usage whenever you want.

  • App usage time control: You can control the app usage time to encourage and improve study time for your kids.

  • Web filter: You can block certain websites instantly and that too by categories.


The method to find your phone location history on your Android phone or iPhone is pretty easy. However, you cannot use these methods if you want to know the location history of someone else. For this, FamiGuard app is the best app available which shows a detailed location history of the target phone. It is a very effective app and it is highly recommended that the users try it out for free through the 3-day free trial.

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