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There may be many reasons as to why you would want to track a cell phone. What happens if the only detail which you have is the phone number of that cell phone? You needn't worry! There are several phone trackers available online wherein you just have to enter the phone number and the rest of the work would be done by the app or website online.

With just the phone number you would get all the information regarding the number including the name under which it is registered, the location and other such details. The working principle of these websites is called base station location or GSM tracking. Although this method may seem easy at first, it is actually quite tricky and involves a lot of shortcomings. These websites fail to track the accurate location of the cell phone and they can be used for only a few specific network carrier cell phone numbers. So, the more efficient way of tracking is the modern GPS tracking. Read on to know more about some best phone trackers online and also know about how you can overcome the shortcomings of these phone tracker websites.

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Part 1: Best Online Cell Phone Tracker App for Android

As mentioned above, the several phone tracker websites available online are not that accurate in giving out the information. Also GSM tracking is not very effective and instead GPS tracking must be used.

FamiGuard is one such phone tracker free online which does exactly this. This app would help you in tracking accurate location of a cell phone using the GPS tracking technique. It takes advantages of inbuilt GPS due to which the real time location through this app is very effective compared to other techniques. Not just location tracking, but FamiGuard comes with several other useful tracking features as well which perform the monitoring functions perfectly.

You can use any browser in order to access FamiGuard phone tracker in the following way.

Step 1: Sign up for free by using a valid email ID of yours.

Step 2: Download the FamiGuard app on the target phone through Google Play Store.

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Step 3: Sign in using your email ID and password and then set up a PIN code and proceed further to configure the settings on the target phone.

configure target phone

Step 4: After the configuration, you can go to the official website of FamiGuard app, sign in using your details and you can access the dashboard with all the information tracked on the target phone.

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Advantages of using FamiGuard to Track Location

  • This app uses the GPS tracking technique and hence it is pretty fast and effective in location tracking function.

  • The real time location of the target cell phone can be tracked up until the app gets uninstalled from the phone.

  • The entire location history of the target cell phone can be accessed.

  • FamiGuard has an app which can be used to track the location of the target cell phone in real time. Also, the tracking mechanism gets updates every few minutes, thus in turn making it very accurate.

  • Very easy to install and use.

Part 2: Top 5 Free Cell Phone Tracker Online Sites

Although FamiGuard is the best option which you can choose to track the location of a cell phone, if you still want to know about the best cell phone tracker online sites, you can read on.

1. Phone Location Info

This is one of the most popular cell phone tracker online websites which several people turn to when they need to track cell phone location by number. No matter which area the cell phone is located, all you have to do is enter the number in the space provided and the location of the cell phone would be given out to you. You can even track a landline number with the help of this phone tracker. This website works for locating cell phone in more than 150 different cities.

phone location info

2. Buddy Locator

This mobile tracker free online website uses the principle of triangular receptors and can be used to locate cell phones which are based on GSM technology. You would have to enter the country in which you want to locate the cell phone and then the number. This website would then display all the necessary information regarding the location of the cell phone. The numbers entered by you do not get stored in the database, so you needn't worry about that.

buddy locator

3. Trace Phone Number

On this free online mobile phone tracker website, you have to enter the number along with the area code in the space provided and then click on "Trace". When a real phone number is entered, this website gives out accurate information about the city or town in which the cell phone is located.

trace phone number

4. GPS Cell Phone Locator

This is one of the most used free cell phone tracker online websites in America. It can be used to track a cell phone located in any part of the world. You can get the exact real time location of a cell phone as soon as you enter the number in the space provided. The website functions fast in giving out accurate tracking information.

gps cell phone locator

5. Mobile Number Tracker

This website's service proves to be very useful whenever you want to track the location of a cell phone with just the phone number. It can also help fighting spam or getting unwanted calls from someone. It uses one of the best software too! As soon as you enter the mobile number in the space provided, the mobile operator, and other location details will be displayed on Google Maps.

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The above mentioned websites are great for tracking a phone using the cell phone number. However, the results displayed by these websites are not always accurate. So, if you need a more effective way to track a phone online, you must try out FamiGuard software. This app is very efficient in its functionalities and gives the most accurate results about the cell phone location. It is highly recommended that users should try out the three day trial version of this software to know how great the features are. Highly recommended!

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