2020’s Top 8 App Usage Trackers for Android & iPhone

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There are a lot trending social media apps available for every smartphone, and due to this many kids are becoming addicted to their cell phonesthese days. The cell phone addiction can lead to several physical and mental health issues. Not just this, but there are so many inappropriate apps which may leave an everlasting impact on the young mind of your child.

The number of children being affected by phone addiction has risen alarmingly. Something needs to be done to control and manage the way the kids spend their time on their phones. More importantly, a close check has to be kept on the apps and websites which your kids use the most. You can do this easily by using any of the app usage trackers mentioned below.

1. FamiGuard App

FamiGuard app is one of the well-known apps whichprovides the most effective parental control features. These features function very efficiently and help the parents in maintaining healthy smartphone usage habits in children. This app comes with a free 3-day trial version which gives the users an idea about how each feature of the app functions. It is highly recommended that the parents download this app that tracks phone usage to protect their children online.

famiguard app


  • Track the apps which are being used and for how long.

  • Track the websites which are frequently visited and for how long.

  • The Activity Summary would also give you an idea of the child's location history with time of visit.

  • Once you figure out how much time your child spends on each app, you can take the necessary measures to control the screen time of smartphone usage or certain apps.

  • You can even pause your child's phone directly during family time or sleep time.

  • You can set boundary limits on the digital map with the help of geofencing feature.

2. QualityTime App

You can download this app on your child's phone to know how much time they spend on their phone and also the frequency with which they visit different apps. It offers a fun way to make the kids self aware about their smartphone usage activities. You can even check all the activities of your child on their smartphone through this and know which habits can be controlled.

qualitytime app


  • Displays daily as well as weekly usage of different apps.

  • Set the limits on usage of smartphone.

  • Interactive and colourful dashboard.

3. App Usage App

This app is pretty easy to use and is one of the most powerful apps to track app usage and to monitor the frequency of use of several apps as well. The activity on each of the individual apps downloaded in the phone can be managed effectively by using this app.

app usage app


  • History of app usage.

  • History of phone.

  • History of all the activities on the phone.

  • Access to all the notifications shown by the different apps.

  • Displays the amount of battery used by each app.

  • Reminds the user whenever any app is being overused.

  • Shows the list of the apps which are used the most.

  • Lets you keep a track of all the apps which have been downloaded on the phone.

4. Moment App

The usage of phones steals away a lot of time in yours and your children's day to day life. This app helps you in gaining those moments back. There are several daily exercises through which the healthy habits of phone usage can be instilled in any phone user. Millions of people have found this app useful in a great way.

moment app


  • See how much time is being spent using phone.

  • Check the apps which are frequently used by the phone user.

  • Guided coaching sessions to help you develop healthy habits of phone usage.

  • See how your family uses the device.

  • Establish phone-free times for members of the family.

5. Usage Time - App Usage Manage

With the cell phone addiction becoming a serious concern among not just the adults but the children as well, serious precautionary measures need to be taken. Usage Time is a typical app usage manager and a phone usage tracker that helps the phone users track the way they use their phones and helps them in developing healthy habits of phone usage.

usage time


  • Reports on how much time is being spent by the phone user in apps of different categories.

  • Detailed reports on app usage.

  • Set time limit for each application.

  • During downtime you can use only the allowed apps.

6. Instant App

If you want an app which can track the usage of apps on both the Android as well as iOS devices, Instant app is the one. However the iOS version of this app tracks only the overall usage of iPhone rather than giving you the details about how much time is spent on the individual apps on your iPhone.

instant app


  • Track how much the phone is used and how many times it gets unlocked by the user.

  • Track the usage of individual apps.

  • Tracks fitness as well as travel time.

  • Helps you create geofences to effectively track the time spent at several places like at work or at home.

  • Set daily motivational goals.

  • Tracks sleep as well.

7. Offtime App

Offtime app is great for parents as well as young children to track the amount of time they spend on their phone. It motivates the phone user to stay focused at work or at any other useful activity. It helps the phone users to maintain the right balance between their offtimes and the time they spend operating the different apps on their phones.

offtime app


  • Earn incentives whenever you stop using your phone.

  • Lets you monitor the phone usage and set goals.

  • Allows you to compare the phone usage on different days.

  • Offers necessary guidance whenever needed.

  • Lets you block or filter any app which may be addictive.

  • Lets you block or filter any calls which may make you lose focus.

8. StayFree - Phone Usage Tracker & Overuse Reminder

This phone usage tracker has been newly introduced as an app activity and phone activity tracker which lets the phone users manage and control the amount of time they spend on the different apps on the phone. StayFree - Phone Usage Tracker can help you get rid of your phone addiction as it comes with an overuse reminder and motivates you to do something productive in the same time.

stayfree app usage


  • Lets you manage your app usage time.

  • Lets you monitor your phone usage frequency.

  • Overuse reminder and alerts if time limit is exceeded.

  • Shows weekly progress.


Cell phone addiction has not only affected the children but several adults as well. The above mentioned apps helps the kids as well as their parents in consciously monitoring app usage and controlling the excess amount of time they spend on their phones using the several apps installed in them. Out of all the apps FamiGuard works the best to track the activity on several apps installed on the phone. It comes with several other advanced features as well which makes it stand out among the many Android/iPhone usage tracker apps.

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