2019 FamiSafe Parental Control Review and Its Best Alternative

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With all the good and bad things circling in life, internet is no exception. From dusk to dawn, uncertainty can happen without knocking one's door. Your loving ankle-biters can be subject to same. So, for parents it can prove to be daunting task to be assured of their kid's well-being. Unfortunately, due to their tight schedule, they can't be really with the child all the time.  Ensuring kids are not entangled with any danger; there is a magical solution that allows fuller control over children. The very methods are known as parental controlling apps, which allow parents to monitor their kid's device in stretch. Don't fret if you feel too novice regarding the same, we will give you a brief detailing of some of the famous applications like FamiSafe Parental Control solution and other method right here!

Part1: FamiSafe Parental Control

FamiSafe Parental Control app is the child product of Wondershare. This monitoring application is a considerable option for fetching details of monitored/target device. FamiSafe manages to provide information of most of the applications, web content being used in your kid's phone. Parents can easily conclude what their kids are tuning to. In addition to this, there is a facility for maintaining geofence of the monitored device.

Main Features:

  • Allows keeping a track over the locations used in kid's phone.

  • Gives a detailed account of activities surfacing over the monitored device.

  • Can schedule the timings of screen of when the screen should be shut down natively in stealth mode.

  • Parents can handle the frequency of applications used in your child's phone.


  • There is no need of jailbreaking iPhone device or Android device to be rooted.

  • Provides the results of data components in a good speed.


  • Very little detail for the social handles is retrieved.

  • Sometimes one may face problem in loading updated version of details.

famisafe parental control

Part2: FamiGuard - The Best Alternative to FamiSafe

A product may become popular but that nowhere means it is star thing. Sometimes, the reality can be contrasting too. Hence, it is safe to lookout for an alternative option for FamiSafe parental control application as well. One of the excellent roundup solutions to FamiSafe is FamiGuard application. By using this application you can set schedules for your children, completely block the pornographic content and a number of unhealthy content available online. Moreover, parents have the leverage of maintaining geofence and fetch details if the kid transgresses the boundary.

Main Features:

Location Tracking - Keep a firm track over the location of target phone's location. Get the minutest and accurate location of where the phone is. Parents can be assured of where their kid is and track them down in case of emergency.

App Blocker  - To ensure the welfare for your kids, FamiGuard allows guardians to reap benefits for remotely block any offensive, unfit or unhealthy application for kids. This allows them to sure of their kids not getting trapped or experiencing unsuitable method. The wonderful feature can also control the use time of apps.

Web Filter- The adult content is readily available in internet. To shield your kids from the dark world of cyberbullying, sexting or pornography, filter out the unsuitable content right on parents device.

Geofencing - Just as you can peep into the location of your loved ones. With FamiGuard you can mark the safe zone. In case, they transgress the set boundary, fetch quick updates for the same.

Record Activity Summary- Maintain updated log of the activities circling around the target's phone. Whatever your kid uses over his phone, the websites used by them and several other in-depth detail.

Schedule Screen Time- These days, kids are too glued with their devices. This can erupt their sleep cycle and affect their mental growth too.


  • Helpful in scheduling screen time for kids.

  • Maintain Geofence of kids and get regular updates for your kid's phone.

  • Accurate location tracking with inbuilt GPS.

  • Simple using logic for users.

  • Control the apps' use time to prevent child from screen addiction.


  • Not support iOS

Step by step tutorial on how to use this FamiSafe Parental Control Alternative

Curious to know the way how you can make use of these kickass features? Here is the step by step guide on how to monitor the world of your children remotely using FamiGuard parental controlling app!

Step 1. Create a FamiGuard account  and Download the App

The early bird step is to register an account on web page or child's device. Then get FamiGuard application on the device you'll be monitoring from the app store.

famiguard sign in

Step 2. Maintain Dashboard and set customizations

Once you've downloaded the applications over your child's phone. Just ensure to go to dashboard and accordingly set the procedures. From here-on, just see which all websites should be actually blocked or the ones are suitable for them.

famiguard app dashboard

Step 3. Start by cell phone monitoring

Now, from the remote device, simply track over your phone. Ensure that you use the same credentials used in your kid's phone. Keep a track of them by using your dashboard.

familytime parental control

Final Verdict

We just discovered a much detailed account of FamiSafe parental controlling application. On a mirage view, any user may be content with the features offered by this controlling application. Moreover, the brand value may level up the game. But, to be assured of your kid's whereabouts, FamiGuard is one of the proven ways of fetching the mirror view of their activities. You can filter the web page very speedily. Let us know in the comments section which method you found more useful!

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