How to Use FamiGuard Parental Control App

Now check out how to use FamiGuard parental control app to monitor your child's online activities and protect their safety.

Step 1:  Register a Free FamiGuard Account

FamiGuard helps you watch over your children and protect them from cyber issues, screen addiction, or other threats. Now you can get a 3-day free trial of this excellent app. To get started, you should firstly sign up for a FamiGuard account with a valid email address.

Step 2: Download FamiGuard App on Your Child's Phone

On your child's phone, you can search for FamiGuard in the Google Play store and start downloading.

download famiguard app

Step 3: Configure Your Child's Phone

Launch the app after the installation, then select as Child's device on the Select Device page. After that, you will need to enter your child's name and age to continue. Next, follow the setup wizard to configure your child's device step by step.

configure child's phone

Step 4: Start Parental Control for Your Child's Phone with 2 Ways

After completing the configuration on your child's phone, you can set rules and start keeping track of their online activities on the device. And we provide 2 ways to set rules on your child's device:  by web control panel or by directly using the FamiGuard app. The steps are slightly different. Check the detailed guide below and choose the method that suits you best.

Way 1: via Web Control Panel

By this way you only need to install and configure the FamiGuard app on your child's device, and the monitoring operations are done through the web control panel. It is suitable for parents who use computers frequently.

1.1 Log in to the web control panel

Go to the FamiGuard website and sign in to the newly created account. Then set up a PIN code, which is required each time you access the dashboard.

login web dashboard

1.2 Start setting rules for your child's phone

After logging in to the web control panel successfully, you can start monitoring your child's online activities and setting rules on the device.

web dashboard

Way 2: via FamiGuard App

By this way you need to download the FamiGuard app on both your phone and your child's phone. All the operations are done through the app installed on your device. It is suitable for parents who use their mobile phones frequently.

2.1 Download FamiGuard app on your own device

Search for FamiGuard on the Google Play store or hit the following button to download and install FamiGuard parental control app on your own device.

2.2 Log in to your FamiGuard account and set a PIN code

After installation, please agree to the terms and conditions and log in to your FamiGuard account that is created earlier. Then set up a PIN code.

2.3 Configure and connect your child's phone

On the Select Device page, please select as Parent's device. If the setup process is completed on your child's phone, just tap the Verify button to connect your child's device.

verify parents phone

2.4 Start parental control on your own device

Following the successful connection of your child's device, you will be directed to the dashboard page on your own phone. Here you will be able to check app, website and geofences reports and track your child's real-time location. You will also be able to access the Screen Time, App Time Control and Web Filter features on the Set Rules panel.

app dashboard
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