What is Geofencing? You Won't Really Understand Until You Read This Article

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These days there are numerous parental control apps available on the internet and all of them claim to be the best for the safety of your kid. But when we are talking about the safety of our kids, aside from the GPS tracking, another feature that comes to our mind is Geofencing. It is one of the most important and necessary features dedicated to the safety and well-being of our kids.

In Geofencing the geo definition is "Earth". Basically, you will be able to put up customized fences around the map and the Geofencing app will track your kid s device. The moment they go out of their bounds you will get an alert and if they come at home in time you will also be notified. It s all about setting up the app but these are all the functions provided by a Geofencing enabled app.


What is Geofencing?

So, in case you are wondering what is Geofencing? The Geofencing definition cannot be described in just a few words but the "GEO" in Geofencing means "Earth". So, basically a fence that can be put virtually on earth or on the map to be more specific is called Geofencing. It is a customised boundary created around a certain point or area.

So, the use of Geo-Fence is known as geo-fencing. And using this feature a radius of interest is created that is connected to an alarm on geo-enabled mobile or other generic portable devices.

How Geofence Works?

As mentioned before geo meaningis earth. It is a boundary placed on it virtually. So, enabling Geofencing will send out automatic alerts based on the accurate co-ordinates of the area.

The best example is that, if Geofencing is activated you will get an email or text the moment your kid arrives at home. The Geofencing is the virtual boundary around the house, the moment it detect the cell phone of your kid, a notification is sent to your Geofencing enabled mobile phone.

But you need to remember that the notification does not come due to his or her physical presence, it detects the device.


The Best App in Geofencing

The Geofencing is an essential feature for parental control apps, it ensures the safety of your child by creating a virtual boundary. Whenever they are out of their bounds, or try to break the boundary already created, an alert will appear on your mobile device notifying of the current situation.

Unfortunately, not all parental control programs are equipped with such a fantastic feature. FamiGuard is among a handful of those parental control programs which are developed with care and enforced the idea of Geofence.

Quite simply, FamiGuard is an exceptional parental control app with lots of parental control capabilities. It is easy to operate and work only with Android devices.

Here s how to use Geofencing with FamiGuard;

Step 1: The FamiGuard app is available on Google Play Store, press the download button to get it on your mobile or your kid s.

Step 2: After the download is complete, install the app and register.

famiguard sign up

Step 3: After that, login to that account provide your kid s name and age. Basically, you are creating the account as your kid form your kid s mobile device. You will be asked for permissions and you need to agree with it so that FamiGuard can operate properly.

Step 4: Now, open your mobile device and identify yourself as the parent and you will be connected to your kid s device with proper access.

famiguard app guide

This is the simplest way of installing a parental control app and connecting both of the devices.

Now, open the FamiGuard account from your mobile and you will be able to activate features like location tracking and Geofencing. You will have access to all the tracking data from here. You will be able to create customized Geofence and the moment your kid crosses that boundary you will be notified immediately with an alert.

set famiguard geofence

FamiGuard is not a perfect app but it is very close to being one. So, there are obviously a few advantages and disadvantages of the app, which we were notified thanks to some concerned users.


  • The tracking capability of this app is without a doubt one of the best.

  • One of the most essential feature Geo-fencing is included.

  • Parents can get the updated notification when child enters or leaves the geofence.

  • The installation is also very easy.

  • Invasive or damaging practices like Jailbreaking or rooting is not necessary to install this app.

  • A 3-day trial period is available for the users to get used to the app before purchasing it.


  • This app is only available for Android devices.

  • Limited trail period.

Other Notable Features of FamiGuard

As a parental control app, FamiGuard has exceeded all our expectations with all its accurate features, easy accessibility and simple operational procedure. Which inherently landed it the position of one of the best parental control apps of 2020. Let s have a closer look at its features;

  • FamiGuard provides real-time, accurate tracking data of the target device.

  • The website blocking functions works really well.

  • You will be able to limit the screen time, so that you kid does not use the phone during study, in school or after sleeping hour.

  • You can monitor all the online activity of target device. This can prevent cyber bullying.

  • You can track web content and filter inappropriate content whenever necessary.


Needless to say, Geofencing is a function that is necessary these days. Our kids are not always confined to the four walls of the house most of their days, and when they are outside we need an accurate alert if they are going out of their bounds with or without their own free will. It is natural for kids to try to go out of their regular routes but that does not make it safe for them. But FamiGuard is an app that provides all the functions of a capable parental control app with the added safety feature of Geofence. Highly recommended!

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