The Urgency of Web Filtering

Although the Internet brings us a lot of convenience, not all the contents are appropriate for a child's development. There are many potential dangers, so it is urgent and necessary to let children explore in a safe network environment.

70% of children aged between 7-18 years have accidently encountered pornography, often through web searches whilst doing homework.

44% of teens admitted they've watched something online that their parents wouldn't approve of (only 28% were aware of this).

By 18 years of age, the average young person will have viewed an estimated 200,000 acts of violence on the Internet.

Benefits of Using FamiGuard Web Filter

Parents can remotely set rules for websites and monitor their child's browser history to make sure they are not involved in violence, pornography or gambling.

Avoid Unhealthy Websites

Avoid over-exposure to any online threats, and allow them access only to age-appropriate web content. Our wonderful web filter feature can bring children a safe and clean internet environment.

Prevent Online Predators

Online predators hide behind fake profiles. FamiGuard helps parents to identify who can be a threat to their children and allows parents to block any suspicious websites in case something bad happens.

Simple & Scientific Parenting

We are dedicated to develop a simple and scientific way for parenting in such a digital life. FamiGuard is a simple parental control app that helps to categorize the helpful and the harmful online content.


  • 1. Can I add a specific website by myself?
  • Yes. We support the addition of specific website URLs for allowing or blocking.
  • 2. Can I create a white list?
  • 3. How many categories are provided?
  • We provide 30 common categories for you, including violence, gambling, pornography, education, entertainment, etc.

FamiGuard Web Filter

Block unwanted websites to keep your child surfing with healthy content.

FamiGuard works on all Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.1 and up.