Why You Need to Set up Screen Time for Children

Children are now spending too much time on their cell phones, which can result in a series of problems, like screen addiction, lack of sleep, obesity and a number of other problems.

56% of children between the age of 8 to 12 have a cellphone.

87% of teenagers between the age of 13 to 17 have or have access to a cellphone.

60% of U.S. students consider themselves to have a cell phone addiction.

Benefits of Using FamiGuard ScreenTime

With the increasing popularity of social apps, many kids are becoming addicted to their devices, and screen addiction has become a problem which can't be ignored. It is difficult to monitor your children all of the time, but with FamiGuard you can encourage your children to become more active, to play outside, to enjoy family time, and to improve their performance at school.

Prevent Addiction

Encourage your children to take a break from their respective devices so that they participate in other important activities and be more active during family time and get-togethers.

Prevent Distraction

Remove the distraction and temptation of the cell phone by setting up time restrictions. Help children to stay focused on their studies.

Have Regular Schedule

Teach your child to adhere to set dates and times and encourage them to priorities. Cultivate the child to develop good habits and follow the schedule.


  • 1. What will happen if I enable the Pause Phone Usage feature?
  • Your child's device will be locked and they won't be able to access any apps or settings unless you disable this feature.
  • 2. Will the child be notified of the Screen Time settings?
  • 3. Can I modify the Screen Time settings?
  • You can always modify the screen time based on your child's requirements and find the best plan for him.

FamiGuard Screen Time

Set time limits and keep children away from screen addiction.

FamiGuard works on all Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.1 and up.