Benefits of Using FamiGuard Location Tracking

Parents can track their child's location remotely. The location history can help to identify whether they have been to some dangerous or unusual places.

Track Child's Movements

By using the FamiGuard Location Tracking feature, you can learn more about the habits of your children when checking their location history. You can also know your child's daily movements.

Ensure Kid's Safety

Monitoring your child's current location can give you and your child a sense of security. When an emergency occurs, you can take actions as soon as possible because you always know their whereabouts.

Get Updated Notification

The advanced location tracking technology can help you get accurate time and location information, even if your child is on the move. Their location will be updated every few minutes.


  • 1. How far back can I check the location history?
  • You can check the location history from the same day, the last week, the last month, and even the last year.
  • 2. Will the location update with any changes?
  • 3. Is the location tracking accurate?
  • Yes, we track your child's location with inbuilt GPS. So please don't worry about accuracy.

FamiGuard Location Tracking

Monitor your child's whereabouts with the efficient GPS tracker.

FamiGuard works on all Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.1 and up.