Benefits of Using FamiGuard Geofence

Parents can monitor the exact location of their children remotely. You can set the safe zone to protect your child from the places you pay particular attention to.

Set Online Barriers

Set barriers on the map for places you don't want your children to go, such as bars, and get alerts immediately once they enter such places.

Prevent Kidnapping

Concerned about your child being kidnapped? You can set a safe zone for your children and make sure they are away from unusual places and strangers.

Reassure Parents

Parents don't have to be physically near their child to ensure their safety anymore. You can be at work whilst still guarding their safety at any time.


  • 1. How many geofences can I set?
  • You can set a maximum of 10 places.
  • 2. How can I receive the alerts?
  • 3. Can I repeat the settings everyday?
  • You can repeat the settings within a week as required.

FamiGuard Geofence

Create a safe zone for your children and keep them away from danger.

FamiGuard works on all Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.1 and up.