Benefits of Using FamiGuard App Time Control

The FamiGuard apps control and block feature allows you to assess your child's behaviour and restrict distracting apps and games on your child's device. You can also allow your child to spend time on apps that would be beneficial.

Stay Focused

Ensure that your child is getting enough sleep and significantly increase their focus and productivity by managing and limiting how much time your child can spend on specific apps.

Prevent Cyber Issues

Certain social apps promote unacceptable values and may display inappropriate content, such as porn. Ensure your child can grow and develop safely by limiting your child's access to such apps.

Educate with Fun

Encourage your child to use helpful educational apps that can enrich their knowledge and develop certain skills. Turn parenting into a simple task by combining fun and learning together.


  • 1. Can I block and limit XXX apps?
  • The App Time Control feature can only be used with apps already installed on your child's device. If the XXX app is installed on your child's phone, then you will be able to set restrictions.
  • 2. How many apps I can manage?
  • 3. What will happen after I have set up the App Blocker feature?
  • Your child will see a full screen notification informing them that the specific app is currently unavailable once the time limit for that app has been reached.

FamiGuard App Time Control

Restrict usage by setting time limits or blocking games and apps altogether.

FamiGuard works on all Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.1 and up.