Phone Activities Provided by FamiGuard

The FamiGuard Activity Summary feature summarizes the usage of all apps, the websites visited and also the geofence reports. It can help parents know which apps are frequently used and the tendency for online addiction.

App Activities

Know when and how many times apps have been opend and closed. Know how much time was spent on the apps.

Web Activities

Check the exact url visited by your child. Parents can know what kind of content their child likes from the summary report.

Geofence Report

Parents can view a report of where their child has been and their movements. Every movement will be reported to parent's device.

Benefits of Using FamiGuard Activities Feature

FamiGuard Activity Summary provides a direct report of the child's online activity. There is no need to check seperately, and the detailed time is provided.

Know the App Usage

Knowing exactly which applications are used at a given time. All the app usage history will be displayed, and parents can check the previous data by choosing specific date.

Know Child's Route

The summary report shows when your children enter or leave the geofence you've set. From this, You can find out if they get to the right place at the right time you set.

Supervise Online Activity

The excellent activity monitor feature can inform you about what kind of contents your child has browsed and whether the contents may be harmful, enabling you to supervise accordingly.


  • 1. What does the activity summary include?
  • It mainly includes information about app usage, website browser details and geofences.
  • 2. Can I choose the time period by myself?
  • 3. How often can I obtain the activity report?
  • Every time you go to the dashboard then you can check your child's online daily report.

FamiGuard Activities Summary

Understand your child's behaviour online and supervise them accordingly.

FamiGuard works on all Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.1 and up.