Your Children Are Addicted to These Games That Are Not Blocked at School!

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Blocking websites in the firewall is a long process, you have to perform individually for each website. The school management had to make a note of games that are not blocked daily to restrict children from accessing game websites. You may have to check the entire history as well.  It is also important to block the websites that are used mostly by children to make the website inaccessible.

You cannot categorize and block the websites in the firewall. So, here you face a lot of issues. You have to continue with each website to block them. It's been difficult for the school management in many ways. Daily, the school management needs to check the websites that are used by the children and need to block them. In this process, you can never fix the issue, and some of the websites are still accessible to children.

unblocked games

1. What Are Unblocked Games

Unblocked games are nothing but the games that are not blocked or most likely fail to block those games. Most of the students reach the games that aren't blocked while their favorite games are blocked. Most of the security websites are in the unblock section. If you see without security sites like HTTP:// usually blocks, but the https:// sites are unblocked.

2. The List of Games Are Not Blocked at School

If you observe, the HTTPS:// sites are accessible than the HTTP:// websites. At school, the firewall only blocks the unsecured websites, and blocking of secured websites is not natural.

The HTML5 technology used games are not blocked. The school has to take necessary actions to block those games and to keep the children away from such games.

Games 666, games 24h, games 333, etc game sites are unblocked sites. You can access the blocked games of the above sites with ease. So the school management should concentrate on those games websites to block them completely to make it inaccessible to children.

After we know that these games cannot be blocked by school firewalls, we always worry that children will become addicted to online games and delay their studies. We want to find ways to permanently block these sites or control the amount of time children spend playing games so they can focus on their studies. Don't worry, here's a way to help you better manage your kids' play time or make them have no access to the games.

3. How to Block Games Permanently or Find A Way to Set Time Limits?

Do you know any way to block games permanently? Yes, it's possible using the third-party app and software. You have to know about the app or software to completely block apps or control websites in your child's mobile. Now, there is no need to worry much as we have gathered information about the app that is giving excellent results.

FamiGuard is one of the best apps we found in our research. It can block apps like games, and websites. The websites are categorized so that users can do it easily. Even you can set specific limits for certain websites. And it has many other useful features, such as location tracking, geofencing or control the screen time usage. Overall, it is the best app to safeguard your children to prevent game addiction.

We can get into the details of the features of the FamiGuard to understand how it works. The below features are helpful for parents to control their kids from the usage of the games on phone or block game websites based on web filtering.

App Time Control: Parents can control the usage of the apps. There is an option to manage apps based on the category. It helps parents to control app usage according to the child's usage of those apps. If parents don't want children to use the game apps at all, then you can set the allowed time as zero. In that way, children cannot access the games anymore.

Web Filter: Using this feature, you can block websites basing on the category. Parents can individually create their white list and blacklist of the specific websites. So, if you want to block the game websites, then you can do it just typing the URL in.

Then let's look at how to block game websites with FamiGuard:

Step 1: You have to install FamiGuard using the website in PC or on Google Play store.

Step 2: Create an account. Install the FamiGuard in your child's mobile now.

download famiguard

Step 3: Follow on-screen guidelines and configure the mobile.

log in and configure

Step 4:  You can choose the web filter option from the menu section, choose the category of games to block all the games websites. Either you can choose blacklist to block a particular website.

famiguard web filter feature

How to Block Game Apps with FamiGuard:

Similarly as above, after installation and configuration, go to the Under app time control section, choose the app that you want to pause or to set a time for the app.

famiguard app time control feature

4. Why FamiGuard is Recommended?

Nowadays, children are spending much time either with their mobile or parent's mobile. It's important that parents should keep an eye on them. So, we recommend FamiGuard as it helps to set screen time or even  block the game apps and block the game websites well. Parents can also control the usage of apps by setting time. There is an option to completely blacklist a game. The web filter option helps to block the unwanted content completely based on the category. It's additional features in controlling the complete mobile usage after the specific time is wonderful.

You can go through the below additional features to understand why we are recommending FamiGuard.

Location Tracking: Parents can track the real-time location of the child to safeguard them in case of emergency. It helps parents to check the location history of the places visited. Also, the parents can have the idea of their children hangout places.

Screen Time: Using it, parents can control the usage of the mobile or pause it immediately. One more thing is that parents can set time limits daily.

Activity Summary: Parents can view the phone activities, app activities, web activities, and Geofence report to track the whole activities in detail.

GeoFence: You can set safe zones. It helps to customize guard time for places like school, gym, home, etc. On using geofence, parents can receive information regarding their children like specific information when a child enters or leaves the geofence. It is helpful for parents to know their frequent traveling places, and use Geofence in emergencies.

Along with the above features, FamiGuard also comes with the web filter and app control features.


Comprehensive Parental Control App

  • Set time limits and prevent screen addiction

  • Block access to inappropriate apps and games

  • Block unwanted websites by categories

  • View the website browser history

  • Get the real-time location every few minutes

  • Check the location history of your child

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5. FAQs:

Here are some frequently asked questions for you to better understand the features of FamiGuard.

1. Can I Block the Specific Game Website with FamiGuard?

Yes, you can block the specific website using web filter feature. You have to choose the website to blacklist it completely. You can also block the whole websites of a similar category using the category block section in FamiGuard.

2. I Don't Want to Block the Game Apps Totally, How to?

You can set limits to the app instead of completely blocking it. You can do it using App time control feature in FamiGuard.

3. Can I Still Block Other Websites But Not Just Games?

Yes, FamiGuard categorized over 1000 of websites into 30 categories. It helps the users to block websites using categories. You can also blacklist the single website to block the access.


You have to keep an eye on your children.  You need to check the games that are not blocked to keep them away from it. In mobile, you can use FamiGuard and their features to track and control your kid's mobile and online activities. FamiGuard comes with a 3-day free trial which can help you test all its feature for free. Go for it!

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